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On top of the former ones, the reference site for PHP and on this site the synthesis of  PHP

Users management

Part 1

Delivrable : zootickoon/mission3/…


<?php echo "Hello"; ?>
  • Transform index.html into index.php
  • At the beginning of the page index.php display the picture of a zebra in the morning, of a girafe in the afternoon a,d of a panda at noon.
$heure = date("H");


Part 2

Delivrable : zootickoon/mission3/…

  • Create a connexion form with email, password, and approval in authentification.html adding Bootstrap classes. You will have to respect the corresponding input type. Autofocus in the email box.
  • Recover the informations of authentification.html, then display them on the verification.php page using the GET method.
  • Use the POST method but change the form method. What is the difference in the URL, for both methods ?
  • On verification.php, add a table
$utilisateurs =["[email protected]","passeLina","[email protected]","passeEdgar"];
  • Check that the couple {email, password} entered in authentification exists in $utilisateurs.
  • Save the email in session variable and display “connecté”+email if it works.
  • Display an error message and a red frame using bootstrap in case of error on verification.php
  • Bonus :  Change authentification.html by authentification.php. Redirect on authentification.php in case of error use bootstrap to valid the form


Part 3

Delivrable : zootickoon/mission3/…

  • Save all the authentification.html values entered by the users in a long.log file. Also save the date and time using a timestamp.
  • Save the valid couples emails/password in a  login.json file.
$auth = new class {};
$auth->log=[['a' => "b", 'c' => "d"],['e' => "f", 'g' => "h"]];


  • Modify verification.php to test the values of the json file.