Content Management System

–tb category/products–
–gitlab Millestone/sharing–
–wamp/bd/wordpress install–
–gitlab push–

The director of the Zoo hires you to improve the online presence of the organisation at international level. You are asked to create the website in English first. A translation system may be installed later on.


Part 1  – Your company

Deliverable git lab : zootickoon/mission1/…

  • Choose a theme and a name for your Zoo
  • Choose 3 categories of services or products. You may get inspired by an existing Zoo
  • Choose 3 products or services minimum by category
  • Choose your colour codes coding, a typography and a logo (you can use a copyright-free logo).  The colour codes can use the triad and complementary rules
  • Create a project using your NAME on then in the zootickoon/1/  treeview, add your PDF format document containing the name and the visual identity. The document should be in the form
  • Make a Millestone on this project.
  • Share the project with the user cherryclass.

Part 2 – CMS

Deiverable : zootickoon/mission1/…



There are various CMS directly online or that you can install. is a version without installation but limited. allows to install the CMS on a server and to configure the elements as you wish.

  • install WAMP or equivalent (a web server with PHP, a SGBDR)
  • create an empty database of your site using font encoding utf8-general-ci
  • install WordPress in the www of Wamp installation
  • access WordPress thanks to a browser, at this adress http://localhost (or with a port number, depending on the installation) then follow the installation steps.
  • produce a small website of your Zoo including a homepage, a page by category presenting the products and services. The offer of the company and colour code will be taken into account.
  • create screenshots of your website and put them on gitlab
  • you can add the code of your site (not ZIP nor RAR) on giltlab manually or by commandline to send several files automatically.