Revision SQL – bonus


Part 1

Deliverable : warcraft/mission6.pdf

  1. Search for water pets.
  2. Create a view that displays the number of pets by type.
  3. Show members who own the mount “Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth” .
  4. Display the number of water pets owned by race.
  5. Show the 5 best pets against water pets.
  6. Show the flying pets of the players of level 100 and more.

Part 2

Deliverable : warcraft/mission6.pdf

2 – Show characters sorted by name.
3 – Display the level of the characters of the Horde.
4 – Display the number of mounts for players who have more than 5.
5 – Display the player who has the most mounts.
6 – Display the mounts that are not owned by the players or display the players who have all the mounts

Part 3

Deliverable : warcraft/mission6.pdf

  1. Make a view that allows you to see the number of bosses per area.
  2. Display the average number of bosses by region mode.
  3. Make a view that displays the average points of members by race of the horde.
  4. Display all the pet types of the horde faction.
  5. Give the number of pets owned by the Shaman class.
  6. Show the mounts that nobody owns.
  7. Show the pets that no one owns.
  8. Show the pets that only 1 player has.
  9. Show the mounts that the alliance has.
  10. Determine who from the alliance or the horde has the most different mounts
  11. Determine which class has the most completion points (member)
  12. Determine which pets have a sum of speed and health greater than 150
  13. Perform a trigger that adds a pet to a member at level 80.